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Buying a Car

Buying a Car

Car Buying Tips - This section offers a wealth of information, especially for the first-time car buyer. Subjects include making the right car choice, negotiating a purchase, finding professional discounts and confirming low mileage on used cars, as well as a lease vs. buy calculator.

Lower Your Cost of Ownership - Handy tips in this section range from choosing a car for functionality to the pros and cons of free maintenance plans and available tax breaks for hybrid automobiles.

Auto Market Insights - This section explores the state of the Japanese car market given that nation's recent natural disasters, as well as practical American and European alternatives

Auto Financing - Learn the pros and cons of leasing an automobile. This section explores mileage limits, length of lease and insurance considerations.

Car Insurance Tips - Read here for information on various types of auto insurance, deductibles, umbrella policies, rental car issues and uninsured motorist liability. Use our calculator to compute loan rates and early payoff amounts.